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Water and Sanitation Safety Planning in rural Romania, Albania and Macedonia

The aim of this project is to raise awareness about environmental protection and risk based management of water supply and sanitation systems, and to take action particularly in the area of water quality and sanitation in rural communities


Countries: Romania, Albania, and FYR Macedonia
Donors: Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Partners: Aquademica (Romania), Women in Development Shkodra, Journalists for Human Rights
Issues: Water & Sanitation
Duration: 09/2017 - 04/2019

The introduction of Water and Sanitation Safety Plan (WSSP) approach encourages citizens to promote local action for the improvement of water supply and sanitation systems, with the active participation of students, youth, teachers, locals and the authorities.

In the three project countries Romania, Albania and FYR Macedonia, there is a big gap between rural and urban areas in terms of infrastructure and living conditions. In many rural areas, the water supply and sanitation system are not up to date and need to be improved. The priority of policy and decision makers should move towards the sector of water and sanitation but the local communities can also take action themselves to improve their situation.

WECF developed with partners a WSSP compendium with guidelines, background information and concrete advice how to develop and implement a Water and Sanitation Safety Plan in rural communities. The WSSP compendium has been translated into Romanian, Albanian and Macedonian and will be applied in the three countries.

The activities cover educational measures for small municipalities and schools and the reach out to a population of 36 000 in Macedonia and 32 000 in Albania. In Romania the activities will focus on the education of teachers through an accredited training programme by the school authorities and the development and implementation of a national guideline for small communities on risk-based drinking water management with the Ministry of Health. On national level, the project also includes round tables for relevant stakeholders on the project results as well as related topics such as water quality and risk assessment approaches.

Partners in this project are:

In Romania: Aquademica

In Macedonia: Journalists for Human Rights

In Albania: Women in Development Shkodra

The Romanian experts Monica Isacu for wastewater management and Mihaela Vasilescu for water supply will support the project implementation.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety Germany.

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