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The WECF Network is an international network of 150 member organisations in over 50 countries who share a common concern to promote a healthy environment for all, strengthen the role of women and promote a gender and rights based approach in environment and sustainable development policy and implementation.

The philosophy of WECF is to enable the local network members to conduct demonstration projects and policy advocacy themselves with support from WECF, whether a local, national or international level, thus giving a space and voice to women and marginalized groups at the policy table. This approach of combined advocacy and project work proved to be successful and has become one of the strengths of the WECF network.

Over the past 20 years, WECF has developed into a strong international network where capacity building of the member organisations, joint implementation of demonstration projects, and exchange of experience have become the basis of reciprocal cooperation. In order to reach its goals WECF implements projects in partnership with local organizations in 50 countries. Project partners are usually, but not always, members of the network, and there exists a clear distinction between membership (common advocacy) and partnership (joint project implementation).
At global policy level, WECF has been key in developing the „Women’s Major Group“, an alliance of over 500 women’s civil society organisations from 100 countries, which facilitate effective and meaningful participation of CSO’s in the policy processes on Environment and the Sustainable Development Goals post-2015. WECF is also a key partner in the Women and Gender Constituency in the Climate negotiations of UNFCCC. WECF works in strategic partnership with its co-facilitators of the Women’s Major Group. Additionally, WECF cooperates with several institutions such as the UN and the EU.

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