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Toys in a Black List of Products, Containing Carcinogenic Chemicals

Toys, cosmetics and even shoes for children were included in a black list of gifts for the New Year, TV Klan in Albania has announced.

11.01.2012 |WECF

TV Klan in Albania has announced a black list of gifts for the New Year, which includes products like toys, garments and shoes for children, containing hazardous substances and carcinogenic chemicals. This applausive initiative of the Central Technical Inspectorate (IQT) contributes to improving the public awareness about harmful chemicals in day-to-day products, since the lack of information and sufficient legal regulation in the field of hazardous chemicals is apparent in Albania.

Read the article on TV Klan website.

Considering the lack of information in a public sphere and sufficient regulation on chemicals in the Balkan region, local and international organizations play an important role. They implement projects with a focus on public education and the spread of information about hazardous substances and products containing harmful chemicals, thus increasing the awareness of local people and contributing to the improvement of legal regulations in the field of chemicals and health.

WECF contributes to these actions by collaborating with local and international partners and jointly implementing a project ‘Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans’. The project is aimed to inform the public in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Serbia about toxic chemicals in everyday products. The project, carried out from 2011 till 2013, is funded by European Commission and IPA Socio Economic Partnership Programme.

The first  Albanian Voice Conference “International Cooperation in Hazardous Substances and Product Safety in the Balkans“, 14-15 October 2011 in Tirana

WECF project ‘Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans’
WECF activities in the field of Chemicals and Health
Read more about safe toys here.

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