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Multi-stakeholder Training on Product Safety in Skopje, Macedonia

On 11th and 12th November, 2011, the multi-stakeholder training on the challenges in the field of Product Safety was held in Macedonia, as a part of the WECF project "Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans".

15.11.2011 |Bistra Mihaylova

On 11th  and 12th November the multi-stakeholder training “Challenges and needs in cross sectoral cooperation on Hazardous substances in Product Safety in Macedonia and their impact to the consumers“ took place in Skopje, Macedonia.

This multi-stakeholder training is part of the WECF project “Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans- Civil Society Cooperation on EU Acquis and Values for Consumer and Corporate Responsibility“, which is funded by the European Commission.

During the 1st day 60 representatives from different CSOs, national institutions, NGOs and  consumer unions took part in the event. Presentations by WECF, BEF Estonia, Ministry of Economy of Macedonia, consumer organisations, GEF and UNDP Macedonia and other stakeholders were given on the topics of EU product safety regulations, the role of national market surveillance, the role of the customs, the situation regarding the safety of toys on the Macedonian market, etc.

The other project partners from Serbia and Albania delivered presentations on product and chemical safety and the achievements related to the project in their own countries.

On the second day joint recommendations were prepared by the participants, based on the findings of working groups that were attended by different stakeholders in the morning session. Once the national authorities approved these recommendations, they will be published in national newspapers and on the JHR and WECF websites.

On the first evening four journalists were awarded for their investigative stories on product safety in Macedonia.

For further information on and recent activities of the project, please visit Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans.

Bistra Mihailova

WECF and its members advocate for non-chemical alternatives worldwide, based on three principles: polluter pays, reversal of the burden of proof and the precautionary principle, and will highlight the gaps and inadequacies in current legislation. WECF raises awareness amongst consumers and encourages them to ask questions about the products they allow into their homes.

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