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Water Solidarity Kyrgyzstan-France

WECF and KAWS at World Water Day in Saint Omer, France - 22 March 2016

05.04.2016 |

On the occasion World Water Day, the Municipality of St. Omer  (la Municipalité de St. Omer) had invited several of their water solidarity partners- among which WECF and KAWS, KAWS- in their beautiful northern French city.

The urbanism agency of St Omer had organized public events to raise awareness on the water cycle and on the lacking access to safe drinking water in many developing countries like Kirghizstan, where WECF and KAWS are implementing a water solidarity program supported by St Omer and the Water Agency Artois-Picardie.

M. François Decoster, mayor of St. Omer, welcomed Anara Choitonbaeva from the Kyrgyz Alliance for Water and Sanitation (KAWS),  Kyrgyzstan, Anne Barre and Claudia Wendland from WECF to celebrate World Water Day jointly with other partners and French stakeholders. Anara Choitonbaeva and Anne Barre presented the case of An-Oston, a remote village in Kyrgyzstan, where the deteriorated water supply system has been completely renovated, giving now access to 185 households to safe drinking water in the home.

More info on the project here :


Mrs Sophie Auconie, EU water policy expert and former MEP, was present to introduce the background of the water solidarity in France: the law Oudin-Santini allows municipalities to spend money for projects in developing countries for municipalities which are in need of water and sanitation. Mr Decoster underlined his support and the support of the population of St. Omer


Anara Choitonbaeva and Anne Barre also presented the activities implemented in An-Oston and the challenging living conditions in rural Kyrgyzstan to more than 60 pupils of a secondary school in St. Omer thanks to the events organized by M. Nicolas Rochas, in charge of the international solidarity program for St. Omer. M. Rochas emphasized the active role of youth and women in engaging for global access to clean and safe water and sanitation for everyone.


More information on the project: contact Anne Barre or Claudia Wendland, WECF

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Water Solidarity Kyrgyzstan-France
WECF and KAWS at World Water Day in Saint Omer, France - 22 March 2016