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What to expect from the climate talks that resumed in Bangkok this week?

COP24: second intersession of the climate change negotiations 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

07.09.2018 |

The additional intersession of the climate negotiations this year resumed in Bangkok this week, 4-9th September. The extra high level meeting was scheduled to further further the preparations needed by negotiatiors before they come to take decisions at COP24 in Katowice Poland later this year. In spite of this extra session, our message is clear: we are nowhere close to what we need to achieve for the future of our planet!

 We need a clear and transparent Paris Agreement working programme – and more ambition!!

Decision-makers from 190 different countries have to agree on the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement. This guideline, called the Paris Rulebook, is set to be adopted at COP24 in December but little progress has been made on the texts, as discussions here in Bangkok get lost in the details, and rules that had been agreed upon in Paris, like re-assessing countries’ progress towards a climate resilient and fair transition every five years, are being questioned again by some Parties. The Paris Rulebook is essential to make the Paris Agreement function fairly and transparent for all, so we need a clear outcome at COP24, but that should not make us forget that we also need much more ambitious climate policies if we want to reach our common goal: a maximum of 1,5° global warming.

Together with our fellow members of the Women and Gender Constituency, we have come to Bangkok with very strong demands, the most important being that we want the Paris Rulebook to keep making clear references to human rights and gender equality, especially in relation to Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), adaptation, finance an technology transfer. One way of getting there is to use sex and gender disaggregated data and analysis. More details on our key demands here

 We need more financial commitments and a long-term finance process

Speaking of finance, Parties seem to be dancing one-step forward two-steps backwards: after having started constructive discussions for setting clear and fair accounting rules, developed countries now rebuff when it comes to setting a new finance target for 2025, or even making predictable financial commitments. Together with WGC, we reminded Parties that climate finance must also take into account and redress the existing gender imbalance in accessing funds for climate action. Gender equality is a mandate of most public climate funds, however it is still not a reality on the ground. 

Women and non-binary persons also took to the streets in Bangkok, demanding climate justice with actions organized outside the conference center on September 4th and 5th. They were broadcasted on Thai Television, but were not allowed to use microphones: women and indigenous people asked countries to take urgent action to ensure food security and build climate resilience for people and communities, who are severely suffering from the consequences of climate change. Another action took place today, demanding to End Fossil Fuels and Transform Energy Systems. 


International solidarity

Civil society will continue to mobilize until COP24 and remind political decision-makers of their pledge, because we simply cannot afford a mediocre outcome in Katowice: we need collective ambition and equitable rules for just transition. That’s also what we will claim in the streets tomorrow in all the cities around the globe, with the “Rise for Climate” global march.

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What to expect from the climate talks that resumed in Bangkok this week?
COP24: second intersession of the climate change negotiations 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

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