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WECF is a network of women and environment organisations in 30 countries. WECF strives for healthy environment for all. We use women’s potential in balancing environment, health and economy. WECF’S activities are based on it’s partners own visions and needs. Therefore WECF implements solutions locally and influences international policy.

WECF seeks Director in the Netherlands

WECF is looking for a new Director for its office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are seeking a colleague who shares our vision and mission to engage with women for a gender-just and sustainable future.

We are looking for someone who wants to work with WECF International’s network of 150 partner organisations in 50 countries across the globe, and our sister offices in Europe and the Caucasus.

More information can be found here.


WECF offers internships for website, communication, projects, internal communication and office work. You will be part of a dynamic and motivated team either in the Netherlands, Germany or France.There are also possibilities for scholarships in Environmental Engineering.

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Volunteers Website and Communication

The Utrecht office of WECF is looking for a volunteer for public relations, press and visibility specifically on the Nesting Project.

The Utrecht office is always looking for people who would like to support us either as webeditors or via contributions on social media.

Thesis or Internship in the Caucasus in the frame of Sustainable Sanitation

Developing and piloting a simple on-site filter system for greywater treatment
for households and farms up to 50 PE. More information can be found here