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Afghanistan - Tapping Resources

WECF and Katachel Afghanistan working on improved sanitation for the Kunduz region


Countries: Afghanistan
Donors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, TMF programme, The Netherlands
Partners: Katachel e.V.
Issues: Water & Sanitation, Biodiversity & Food
Duration: 01/2005 - 12/2007

Information, 29 March 2010: Following the applicable internal procedures WECF has requested all the financial documents from Katachel e.V. every year after Katachel e.V. submitted them also for a review to an accredited financial auditor. The financial auditor concluded that there was no reason to think that the actual figures are not an accurate reflection of the activities and the work done by Katachel e.V. WECF therefore has no reason for discontinuing its cooperation with Katachel e.V. The situation in Afghanistan is currently very tense, as the former manager of Katachel e.V. is alleged to be responsible for a recent attack on Katachel staff, one who is badly wounded. WECF is waiting to hear from Katachel e.V. how activities can nevertheless be continued in 2010.


WECF and the NGO “Katachel” Afghanistan have started joint activities to improve the water, sanitation and health situation in the Kunduz region of Afghanistan. Sybille Sneehage from Katachel and Sascha Gabizon from WECF met at the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto and planned to develop a joined eco-sanitaiton project. Katachel has ordered 1000 eco-san toilets to be installed in the Kunduz region to provide for better sanitation and protect the groundwater.

Katachel Afghanistan is very active in Afghanistan and has worked there for almost 15 years. Its projects include the construction and maintenance of schools, building of drinking water wells, support for war widows, the equipment of a health care station, the construction of a bridge over the Gaukush river as well as families returning from refugee camps rebuild their houses.

The WECF – Katachel project will run till 2008 and involves building a school with eco-san toilets, building wells, help farmers move to more sustainable agriculture and carry out health and hygiene education. The project is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs TMF programme.

For more information go to the Katachel website.

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