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WECF CSD 15 side event May 2, 2007 - "From Best Practice to Policy”

Effective policies for countries in transition to address indoor and outdoor air pollution, health effects from nuclear industry and promotion of energy efficiency and Renewables.

14.05.2007 |Sabine Bock

Executive director of WECF, Sascha Gabizon, opened the session and gave the floor at first to the two delegates of Italy, Ms Elisabetta Colaiacomo, Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea, and Anna Sanchi, Advisor to the Minister for Women and Environment, Italy. Ms Elisabetta Colaiacomo addressed the issue of indoor and atmospheric pollution as Italy is the EU lead country of this topic. Ms Anna Sanchi highlighted the importance of gender in that context.

After that WECF partners presented very strong and impressive their problems and solutions in their countries and gave policy recommendations. Hripsime Jangiryan from Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy Environment (AWHHE) presented the affecting movie "The cost of poverty" about energy poverty and indoor pollution in Armenia.

Nadezda Kutepova, Planet of Hopes, Russia, made clear that lessons are not learned from the fatal nuclear accidents of Mayak in Russia and Chernobyl, Ukraine. She told her own personal story and gave an insight in the terrible effects of the Mayak accident 50 years ago of the people who live in the region. Illness and death is their story.

Nadezda Kutepova, Planet of Hopes, Russia

Mayak report

Svitlana Slesarenok from MAMA86-Odessa showed in a very clear presentation how it is possible to motivate people to save energy and money - up to 70% in terms of heating for example.

Svitlana Slesarenok, MAMA-86 Odessa

Anna Kirilenko from the NGO BIOM from Kyrgyz Republic, presented another impressive positive example. Her organization promotes solar energy in Kyrgyz Republic and developed different affordable solar installations  - for example a Batch heater and a Sun Pasteurizer.

Anna Kirilenko, BIOM

Nazgul Ezenbol kyzy from the Civitas Foundation Unison explained how they foster renewable energy for Kyrgyz republic and her success to raise awareness of different stakeholders. The potential for renewable energy is huge in her country.

Nazgul Ezenbol kyzy Civitas Foundation Unison

Anna Golubovska - Onisimova from MAMA86 Kiev presented her successful project of policy making to the Ukrainian Government. Her project can be an example for other policy processes.

Anna Golubovska MAMA-86 Kiev

Ton Boom von Ochssee, the lead diplomat from the Netherlands, gave the closing speech for the event and responded to the different presentations and suggestions.  Twenty-five to thirty high level participants attended the event and there was a vivid discussions about the addressed issues.

The side event showed how important it is to connect the local and the global level to move forward to a sustainable development.