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Last Chance to tell European Commission: Say No to Hormone Disrupting Chemicals!

Access to EU Online Consultation in 7 languages made available by coalition of NGOs called EDC Free

06.01.2015 |EDC Free Coalition

Due to intensive industry lobbying, the European Commission has delayed action on hormone disrupting chemicals, which are needed to protect health. But now a public consultation in seven languages has been launched to gather feedback on public concerns. 


As the European Commission has made this public consultation very technical, the EDC-Free Europe coalition, of which WECF is an active member, have launched an easy to use online platform to enable individuals to submit prepared answers to the European Commission. This is the only chance you will have to directly give your opinion and call for the urgent removal of hormone-disrupting chemicals from our lives to protect our health!

It will take you less than five minutes to take action. Just fill in your details and with the help of four simple steps your submission will be sent directly to the European Commission.

Take action here

Need a reminder why we need action?
An amusing film Endocrination by French journalist Stephane Horel exposes the battle created by industry lobbying on hormone disrupting chemicals

Why do we need to act urgently now?
Our everyday exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals – in our food, cosmetics, electronic products, schools, hospitals and workplaces, to name a few, must stop in order to protect the health of current and future generations. Humans and wildlife are vulnerable to exposure to these chemicals every day, which are very likely to be contributing to the dramatic increases in many serious, life threatening diseases and health disorders.

By responding to the public consultation, you are sending a strong signal to the European Commission that there are serious concerns and public support for action to protect us, the environment and our children in Europe and beyond.

The campaign
The EDC-Free Europe coalition represents hundreds of groups throughout Europe, including trade unions, consumers, public health and healthcare professionals, and advocates for cancer prevention, environmentalists and women’s groups. Website:

Twitter @EDCFree

The campaign aims to achieve a ban on hormone disrupting chemicals in the European Union, more independent information on exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals for people and governments, and greater public engagement to ensure that hormone disrupting chemicals are properly identified and phased out.

To make this transition happen in a transparent process that puts health first, an important milestone is to have as many concerned citizens as possible participate in this public consultation.

If you have any questions please contact our Chemicals Expert Alexandra Caterbow

WECF's participation in the EDC Free Coalition has been made possible by the contribution of DG Environment through the LIFE+ Project ChildProtect

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