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Congratulations Sascha!

Named thirty-third most influential sustainability fighter in the Netherlands

08.10.2018 |

We are greatly honoured to recieve the news of our Executive Director Sascha Gabizon to have been named the thirty-third (out of 100) most influential persons in the fight for sustainability in the Netherlands by Trouw Green.

Trouw Green is a Dutch daily newspaper and this is the tenth year they are running this award where they list the hundred most influential sustainability persons in the Netherlands. The newspaper writes the following: "WECF is not very well known as an organization, says Gabizon. 'That is not the goal either.' She prefers to put the local women's organizations in the limelight, so that they get more control over environmental policies and climate finance. Gabizon counts 'connecting' to its best qualities. It brings people in contact, but also ensures that money ends up with sustainable projects where it is needed. Whether in Africa, Eastern Europe or in the Netherlands. 'Yes, we are also active in the Netherlands. So much more needs to be done here to tackle pollution problems, including pesticides and endocrine disrupting chemicals.'"

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.