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Sascha Gabizon referenced in The Guardian about CSW
Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director of WECF International, held an interview with the English newspaper The Guardian about the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York

Watch the interview with WECF’s Anne Barre on climate action
WECF’s Anne Barre was interviewed during the 2015 World Summit Climate & Territories
23.10.2015 | Carmen Chan

WECF’s partner AT Uganda teaches farmers to conserve their harvest
WECF’s EWA programme featured in newspaper Daily Monitor

WECF on endocrine disruptors: “We need both individual and collective action”
Radio station RFI interviews WECF’s Elisabeth Ruffinengo on endocrine disrupting chemicals

"Get lobbying on chemicals, doctors told by health body"
Chemical Watch quotes WECF France’s president in article on pregnancy and toxic chemicals

Is the EU still leading?
WECF’s Alexandra Caterbow analyzes EU’s shifting priorities, from environmental to economic interests

Improving Environment And Health In Europe: How Far Have We Gotten?
WHO report

WECF features in RBRS Conventions COPs Highlights
ENB -Volume 15 Number 228 | Thursday, 14 May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
14.05.2015 | ENB -Volume 15 Number 228 | Thursday, 14 May 2015

”Equitable, Climate Proof and providing Sustainable Development – NAMA for the energy sector in Georgia”
WECF energy project in Carbon Market Watch newsletter
28.04.2015 | Anna Samwel, WATCH THIS! NGO Newsletter #11

WECF Publishes Article in UNEP’s Magazine
WECF stresses gender and chemicals as important cross-cutting issues for the post-2015 development agenda