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Environment Groups Giving a Face to Climate Change - Interview with WECF's Sabine Bock

interview with Sabine Bock, Climate Change Coordinator WECF

18.09.2008 | Deutsche Welle

The Climate Alliance in Germany unites more than 100 groups in a common goal to draw attention to the causes of climate change around the world.

This prompted the ‘Climate Witnesses’ partnership, which has brought spokespeople from areas affected by climate change to Germany with a view to encouraging more industrialised nations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They’ve been involved in demonstrations against new coal-fired power plants and telling about their own personal experience of climate change in their home countries. Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) is one of host organisations. Living Planet speaks to Sabine Bock, Energy and Climate Change Co-ordinator about the touring Climate Witnesses project.

Listen to the interview with Sabine Bock

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