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The "Safe Toys Coalition" aims to protect children's health by striving for a world free of toxic and unsafe toys

| WECF Campaign

Countries: international
Donors: WECF; European Commission DG-Environment
Partners: WECF Germany, WECF France, WECF Netherlands, Eco Accord
Issues: Chemicals & Health
Duration: 05/2010 - 01/2013

New coalition created for safer toys: WECF and Eco Accord, alongside a group of international health and environment non-governmental organisations have formed a new working group to ensure safe toys for the healthy future of children.

The “Safe Toys Coalition” aims to protect children’s health by striving for a world free of toxic and unsafe toys. They address decision makers, producers, retailers and the public on national, regional and international level and help consumers to make informed decisions about the products they buy.

The coalition has set out the following aims for the first year of the campaign:

  • To promote their mission at events on national and international level (such as the international toy fair in Nuremberg, the SAICM working group on chemicals in products, the re-opening of the discussion on endocrine disruptors in the EU toys directive etc.),
  • To call on national governments for safer, toxic-free toys,
  • To establish a joint work plan of activities,
  • To publish and disseminate the consumer guide on safe toys (already available in 6 languages on the WECF site).

If you are working in the area of children’s environment and health and would like to become part of the Safe Toys Coalition please send at email to Alexandra Caterbow.

Read more about the safe toys coalition here

Sate Toys Coalition consists of the following NGOs: Eco Accord, Baltic Environmental Forum, Arnika, Clean up Greece, Journalists for children and women rights and environmental protection, Ekoloji Tarazlig, WECF.

The new website will be live soon, with links to documents and publications, activities of NGOs on toys

To join the Safe Toys listserve please click here.

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Sascha Gabizon draws attention to hazardous chemicals that can be found all over the world and in the Indian market specifically.
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WECF: More than 30,000 signatures to ‘Stop EDCs in toys’
On 9 April Women in Europe for a Common Future in France (WECF) delivered their petition "Stop endocrine disruptors in toys" signed by more than 30,000 people, to French Health and Environment Ministers

Rio+20 Side Event: "Protecting Our First Environment"
Protecting women’s health and future generations from harmful environmental impacts was the topic of the event organised by WECF, IPEN and members of the Women’s Major Group today at Barra Arena at the Rio+20 conference.
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Nieuw boekje ‘Spelbrekers’ geeft aanbevelingen en suggesties
02.12.2011 | WECF Nederland Persbericht

Videos: Safe Toys for Safe Childhood
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01.12.2011 | WECF

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During the test action in Paris WECF found traces of formaldéhyde et xylène
21.11.2011 | WECF France Press Release

Testing confirms that toys sold on the EU market still contain chemicals of concern
On November 10th and 16th, WECF organized 2 events in France and the Netherlands to raise awareness on chemicals of concern in toys
16.11.2011 | WECF Press Release

Spelbrekers - Lieve Sint, koopt u dit jaar geen spelbrekers. Koop gifvrij!
WECF voert campagne in sinterklaastijd tegen schadelijke stoffen in speelgoed
08.11.2011 | Chantal van den Bossche

Alle Jahre wieder – Spielzeug im Test
WECF fordert schnellere Nachbesserung der EU Spielzeugrichtline und bessere Selbstverpflichtung der Hersteller
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Eerste Nederlandse speelgoedconventie van Een Veilig Nest: Spelbrekers! Schadelijke stoffen in ons speelgoed, waarom?
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Spoilsports! Chemicals of concern in toys
WECF France and WECF the Netherlands organise Toys Events in November
19.10.2011 | Chantal van den Bossche

Press Release EU on new rules to strengthen toy safety
"There will be no more places for defective and dangerous toys in the EU market" according to European commission Vice President
20.07.2011 | EU press release

Seminar in Skopje "Journalists workshop for toy's safety"
Product and Chemical Safety in the Balkans –a civil society cooperation working on consumer and corporate responsibility
07.06.2011 | Bistra Mihaylova

Hazardous waste on your living room floor
Carpet pads commonly sold to consumers in the USA and other developed countries contain dangerous chemicals that can cause nervous system damage, particularly in infants and toddlers.
26.04.2011 | Press Release IPEN supported by WECF

Huge media coverage on toxic toys in France
TV, radio, web and press media rush on toxic toys issue as Christmas time arrives
23.12.2010 | Elisabeth Ruffinengo

TV Report: Gefahr unterm Weihnachtsbaum
Gift im Spielzeug - Interview with Alexandra Caterbow from WECF
08.12.2010 | ZDF - German TV

Nutcracker committed to a "toxic free christmas"
Nutcracker engagiert sich für ein „giftfreies Weihnachten“ - Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) warnt mit einem Viralvideo vor giftigem Spielzeug -
06.12.2010 | WECF Germany Press Release

Toys symposium in Paris: a new start for SAFER TOYS - WECF invited main actors EU, consumer associations, NGO’s and toy industry for debate on security toys
Colloque Jouets WECF : un nouvel envol pour des jouets plus sains. Tout un panel d’acteurs réunis autour de la question de la sécurité des jouets
22.11.2010 | WECF France Press Release

Toxic free tips for last minute Saint Nicolas shopping!
WECF vanavond in Uitgesproken VARA om half negen, Nederland 2: Laatste tips voor hulpsinterklazen in zoektocht naar gifvrij speelgoed
17.11.2010 | WECF the Netherlands Press Release

WECF Conference in Paris: Toys and hazardous chemicals - exploring solutions
REACH and the substitution of chemicals of concern: consumer protection, good practices and incentive measures
11.11.2010 | WECF news

Wenn Spielzeug krank macht – WECF fordert statt Ankündigungspolitik Brüderles konkrete politische Taten zum Schutz der Kinder
Gesprächskreis Verbraucherpolitik der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung und WECF (Women in Europe for a Common Future) laden ein zum Gesprächskreis am 5. November in Berlin
28.10.2010 | Johanna Hausmann

Launch of the European Family Conference - WECF speaks on support of Child Norm
“Social inclusion of families and EU Policies: Where do we stand?”

Children’s toys must not cause allergies
BfR calls for stricter regulations for nickel and fragrances in toys

Nano particles in the baby room - WECF starts new campaign and website in the Netherlands
WECF start campagne en website voor jonge ouders om consumenten en retailers bewust te maken over het gebruik van nanotechnologie in alledaagse consumptieartikelen
05.08.2010 | WECF the Netherlands Press Release

Parma 2010: Competition rewards environmental projects that save children’s lives
Eight winning projects have received Children's Environment and Health Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) Awards at the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the WHO European Region on Environment and Health

Toxic toys - International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
WECF presents international Coalition on Toy Safety at International Toys Fair
05.02.2010 | WECF Press Release

Toxic toys - International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
WECF presents international Coalition on Toy Safety at International Toys Fair
05.02.2010 | WECF Press Release

Gift im Spielzeug
Internationale Koalition zur Spielzeugsicherheit gründet sich auf Initiative von WECF
04.02.2010 | Johanna Hausmann

Gift im Spielzeug
Internationale Koalition zur Spielzeugsicherheit gründet sich auf Initiative von WECF
04.02.2010 | Johanna Hausmann

Giving birth to the Safe Toys Coalition
International toys training organised by WECF in Bavaria marks the start of Safe Toys Coalition
02.12.2009 | Sonja Haider

65.000 Reasons for Better Chemicals
Publication of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency provides with eight practical advice pieces on how to create a healthy environment for our children
15.11.2009 | Danish Environmental Protection Agency